A Message from Our CEO

March 21, 2020 Tessa Schellenberg

To valued customers and partners,

The events of the past few weeks are a reminder of just how connected we really are.  We’re faced with a unique, generational-scale challenge that can only be tackled by working together.

I’m proud to lead an organization that is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that our employees and customers remain healthy and safe in this unprecedented time.

To stay ahead of the extraordinary circumstances facing our community, we’ve undertaken several measures to manage the pandemic.

We’re following public health and hygiene protocols, and we’re practicing social distancing. Most of our employees are working remotely.  But be assured that essential operational personnel are on the job to ensure that there’s no disruption to any of our services.

We remain committed to providing safe and reliable service to our customers and partners.  It’s our commitment to the community in good times and bad. Please visit us at www.oecorp.ca to find out more.  You can also connect with us through our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We’ll overcome this challenge together.  Along the way we’ll continue working for you, so be well, stay healthy, and know that we’re ready to help if you need us.


Rob Lister


President and CEO